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What’s So Special About Swarovski Crystals Anyway?


The first time I saw Swarovski crystals they were around someone’s wrist, dozens of them beaded into a heavy, chunky bracelet. My first reaction was Is that all there is? Is this what everyone’s fussing about?

I couldn’t see what made them special. It was another year or so before I realized that it was the sheer number of crystals that had turned me off. They overwhelmed me. The beauty, the color, the shimmer — all were lost in that jumbled mass. You couldn’t see the trees for the forest.

But times change. And so do beaders.

Now, the one who once tossed off the thought of working with crystals is finding herself quite enamored of them. I’m beginning to see the possibilities of working them into my designs.

This necklace, beaded last summer, is the first large piece I made with Swarovskis. I used a commercial mix of size 11 seed beads and 4 mm crystals in a netted pattern of my own design.

I was very pleased with the outcome. And so was the person who bought it. Ain’t it grand when it works that way?

Swarovskis & Seed Beads

Swarovski Crystals & Seed Beads

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

7 thoughts on “What’s So Special About Swarovski Crystals Anyway?

  1. Sally, just love your blog… I’ve subscribed because I love your style of writing and want to see your beautiful creations! 🙂 diane

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Diane. I am so impressed by your sites (how do you manage to be so creative?). It’s wonderful to be able to see what other kindred souls are up to.


  3. Oh, that necklace is beautiful!!

    I do love Swarovskis – I even got to go to the factory in Austria once!

  4. Heh, no free samples, but they had a lovely shop!! Tons of jewelry and knick-knacks.

  5. Your necklace is stunning! I can understand your initial reaction to the crystals. I don’t particularly like pieces that looked drowned in any element, like wire work that completely overwhelms the stones. Your lovely necklace lets you appreciate the crystals and the design.

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