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Art from the Heart


Last year I was invited to contribute a piece of jewelry to an art auction for the food bank in a nearby city. Donated pieces were displayed in a local business prior to the auction and pictures were posted on the food bank’s web site.

This was a wonderful opportunity to show my work to a wider audience while at the same time supporting a worthy venture in a tangible way. Contributors also received a receipt for income tax purposes for the full value of their donation. A win for all involved.

I enjoy participating in these events. My first experience with donating jewelry came a few years ago when I donated several pieces to a fire relief auction for neighbors’ whose home burned down.

Auctions, at least the ones in my neck of the woods, often don’t include jewelry so donating a piece or two can add a special touch that people tend to remember. And if it leads to sales in the future that’s an added plus.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Blue Ice is a variation of a design by Varvara, from her book Netting All the Way.

Titled Peru, the design called for 127 faceted beads but I had only about a hundred. The solution? Instead of 13 “dangles” off the main band, I used 2, and instead of 3 dangles on the bottom I used 1. The overall look is light and delicate. I’ve also used my modified design with green and burgundy firepolished beads. Dee-lish!

Varvara’s Tokyo design in the same book offers an interesting twist — you bead a plain netted necklace, then go back and embroider seed beads and 4 mm beads into the base.

I used black and silver seed beads and black druks for that one. It turned out quite nice, but a bit on the heavy side. This piece can be worn reversed as well, creating a different look.

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

2 thoughts on “Art from the Heart

  1. Your work is beautiful and this set is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog : )


  2. Liz thanks for your kind words. Your gallery is wonderful … I was so inspired by your pieces.


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