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Day Dreamers

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Yowzer. When your internet system goes down parts of the world really do stop. Like posts to the blog. A twenty-minute drive to get online means you space out the trips. The system is still not up yet — amazing how long troubleshooting can take in the country — but our library just installed wifi so at least I can use my own computer.

One of the positives of being offline? I got lots of beading done. I have several shows coming up this summer so the extra time was put to good use.

Dream catchers were part of the Ojibwa culture long before they became fashion statements and tourist trinkets. Originally woven of red willow twigs and “thread” from the stalk of a stinging nettle, dream catchers were designed to protect one from bad dreams that drifted on the night air. The “web” caught the dark dreams and held them fast while the good dreams flowed through the hole in the centre, ensuring a restful sleep.

This earring pattern reminded me of a dream catcher. I love dangly earrings and I love colour but since wearing them to bed is hardly practical, Day Dreamers seems like a better nameWho knows? Maybe they’ll bring good thoughts while I’m awake.

Cherokee Weave

I learned the stitch, called Cherokee weave, from Cora who teaches classes at Donna Dae’s Crafts in Quartzsite, Arizona. I’ve changed the design somewhat to suit myself. It’s essentially a brick stitch done around the inside of the hoop. You can add another row or two to the outside and leave off the “web” for a different look.

Here’s to pleasant dreams, whenever they arrive.

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

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