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Bead Barter


At a recent show one of my favourite wood artists, Bob Bryce, suggested a trade: a pair of my earrings for his wife in exchange for one of his gorgeous tool caddies. I’ve never used a caddy and I wasn’t too sure if I’d use this one, but owning one of Bob’s pieces made me say yes.

My new caddy
The day after the show I unwrapped the caddy and set it on my work counter. I pulled my jumble of tools out of the wicker basket they call home and began placing them in the caddy. It turned so smoothly. Then I picked up a project and began to work, using the tools, spinning them around. Ooo, this is so much fun! 

Thanks, Bob.

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

2 thoughts on “Bead Barter

  1. I agree — Bob does wonderful work.

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