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To set or not to set?

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That is indeed a question worth pondering.

When I first started making jewelry I made several necklace and earring sets only to discover that few potential buyers wanted both. Hmmm.

So I stopped making combinations. Fast forward a few years and wouldn’t you know it — at a recent show & sale I met a woman who never buys jewelry unless she can buy both the earrings and the necklace together.

Fortunately she found a pair of earrings that would go with a necklace she already had so I didn’t lose the sale.

Elegance Set

To set or not to set is one of those questions like How long should I make a necklace? It depends. It depends on the style, on the beads and also on the potential buyer who won’t appear until some time in the future. So you have to make a decision.

My solution to this conundrum is to make what pleases me. Which means that most of my pieces are standalone items. But if an idea pops up for an earring/necklace set or a bracelet/earring combination then I’ll probably try it out.

The key for me, however, is to price the items separately, not as a unit. That way the buyer chooses what best fits her needs. And that’s the person who counts. 🙂

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

One thought on “To set or not to set?

  1. I really like the Red Hen feathers best, I bet they’ll sell first! Okay, maybe the black will, but the chicken feathers are great 🙂

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