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Magnetic Attraction

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Love this colour! And with Swarovski crystals, well, what can I say. They’re gorgeous.

I seldom use magnetic clasps on my work because my experience with them hasn’t been good. They catch on shopping carts, door handles and cutlery. Before you know it, your bracelet is gone. I’ve used keeper chains but that’s only a partial solution.

Last winter I discovered magnetic clasps that work well. Unlike most such clasps where the two halves simply slide past each other, this one is constructed differently. The magnet is actually inside the clasp.

In the photo below, the magnet is the small “bump” on the righthand half. It fits snugly into the hollow on the lefthand portion. Screw the two halves together and you’ll notice hardly any magnetic attraction.

Voila! No dangling teaspoons and no more wandering jewelry. 🙂


Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

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