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I work mostly with seed beads but once in a while large beads come calling.

These burgundy glass cubes have been in my stash for several years. Loved the colour, just didn’t know what to do with them. So I set myself a challenge: do something, anything, with them.

Out came some size 6 beads, some Fireline and I set to work with no particular plan in mind. Of course when you don’t have a plan you don’t know where you’ll end up.

After several false starts I began weaving a long line, interspersing cubes among the smaller beads. Then I tried doubling back on the original strand, adding more size 6’s but weaving into the original cubes.

Looking at it now I think I did a right angle weave bracelet the hard way. But I enjoyed the experiment — and I found a use for those cubes after all. 🙂

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

4 thoughts on “Cubed

  1. This bracelet looks very beautiful. Congratulations 🙂

  2. Hi Sally, just viewed your new bracelet (Cubed) and once again it’s beautiful. I really love your work and enjoy viewing your new pieces.

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