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How To Glue: 527 & Me


Browsing in a local bead store (again) I discovered some brushed aluminum “leaves” in bright, rich colours. My bead brain kicked in and I could already see several different sets of earrings.

I scooped up 30 of the shiny little beauties. My first thought was to arrange them in groups of three, fan-like.

Good in concept, not so good in practice. Because the leaves are slightly rounded and only touch in a few places with this design I’d need a tight bond. Out came the 527 Multipurpose Cement.

I don’t use 527 very often and forgot that it takes quite awhile to dry. Long after I thought the glue should have set, I could still wiggle the leaves. It seemed like my bead store brainstorm was fizzling.

I decided to apply a bit more glue but — oops — it oozed out between the leaves. Dang. Okay, it was on the back and probably wouldn’t show but I’d know it was there. I’d keep those ones for myself.

Plan B: Since I needed more contact between the pieces I overlapped them. Aha! A much better fit.

I also discovered a solution to the oozing glue.

By the time I’d make several pairs of earrings, the glue on the first pair was setting up nicely but was still workable. Using a toothpick I was able to carefully pick away the few goopy bits that seeped out between the leaves.

The backs of these earrings show the difference — no mucky stuff on the upper right pair.

Poifect. 🙂

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

3 thoughts on “How To Glue: 527 & Me

  1. interesting stuff, like the practical tips too!

  2. so simple and pretty , i wish i lived near you so i could go to these bead shops you go to, you always seem to find such interesting stuff!

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