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Newsletters: Do I Need One?

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Marketing is key to the success of any business. No matter what you make, if people don’t know about it how will you sell it?

There are many ways to connect with potential buyers — Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Artfire, your own blog or website, art shows and craft fairs. The list goes on.

These days much marketing buzz is focussed online, especially social media. In the rush to “like” and “tweet,” however, some of the simpler options have been lost in the hustle.

Take newsletters. They’re viewed as old-fashioned by some. But targeted to the right market, they can — and do — work well.

I’m not talking about a newsletter that anyone can sign up for by simply clicking a link on your site. Those can work too but that’s not what I mean.

I’m talking about a newsletter built by personal contact with every person on the list.

Each person on my list is someone I’ve spent time with. They’ve either bought a piece of my work, taken one of my classes or expressed an interest in seeing new pieces. In banking vernacular, these folks are “pre-qualified.” 😉

My emailed newsletter, like my blog, is part of my overall marketing plan. Its purpose is two-fold:

1. To give subscribers the first chance to buy new pieces

2. To maintain contact with people who like my work

My most recent issue fulfilled both goals:

1. It brought me 2 sales and an expression of interest in a third piece.

The sales were to the same woman. One purchase is for a completed piece, the other for a piece that isn’t finished yet (talk about an incentive to get it done!).  She’s a repeat customer who’s bought several pieces from me and has also taken some of my classes.

Giving her and others like her the first look at new work is a nice way to acknowledge their patronage. She’s also someone who would not have attended any of my recent shows.

2. It brought several people to my next show with the potential for further sales.

The time I spent putting the newsletter together was obviously well spent.

Love it when a plan comes together. 😉

Next time:  How to Build a Mailing List.

Author: Sally

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