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The Red Queen


I remember reading a quote somewhere about beading — when you think you’re done, so something more. Then do something more again. And again.

The gist of the message? Don’t be satisfied with your first effort, it’s seldom your best.

I made a necklace in diamond stitch using Swarovski crystals. It looked fine but it wasn’t anything special. After a few days I decided to push the design further.

The piece went through several incarnations. I documented each stage with a photo which was helpful. It let me compare versions and finally choose the one I liked best.

The original “ends” of the necklace became the front, where I added the focal concept. The original middle of the necklace was now at the back of the neck — which meant taking it apart so I could insert the clasp.

Fiddly work but I like the final result much better than my first attempt.

The Red Queen

Pushing the creative process does have a downside. I knew an artist once who continually reworked his paintings, never quite capturing what he was looking for. He sold very few pieces and was often frustrated.

The trick is knowing when to stop. I found a design that pleased me. Was it the best I could do? For now, yes. So I stopped. There’s always another design waiting to be discovered. 😉

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

7 thoughts on “The Red Queen

  1. Your necklace looks fantastic!! Knowing when to stop is the issue for me.

    • Sometimes (like right now) the issue is knowing when to quit starting! Every surface in my workroom and much of the floor is covered with in-progress-pieces. I seem to go through long phases where I start something, which generates a new idea which I have to start in case I forget, which suggests another new idea which I have to try, which leads to … well, another idea. Gotta learn to quit starting (a least until I finish more). 😉

  2. I think it turned out gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Megan. Now, a few days after finishing this piece, I’m looking at it and wondering what would happen if I … (No way, girl, ya gotta FINISH other pieces first.)

  3. I love the Red Queen just as it is.

  4. Good to hear from you Wendee … thanks for stopping by!

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