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Silver Leaf


Silver LeafThe box in the corner of the shelf holds more than two dozen bags of glass leaves. Brown ones. Green ones. White and bronze. Red and grey. Top drilled. Side drilled. Matte, glossy and two-tone.

I accumulated this lot over several years but in all that time I’ve used hardly any. Whatever was I thinking?!?

The other day I pulled out one bag. Shiny, small and heavy, these leaves caught my eye right away. What could I make with them?

I found some wire and a couple of beads left over from a recent project and set out to see what might be.

I like this design so much I’ve made several other earrings using different leaves. I’d hate to run out if another neat idea comes by so I may just have to buy some more. 😉


Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

2 thoughts on “Silver Leaf

  1. Isn’t it funny when inspiration suddenly strikes – sometimes years later? This happens to me a lot – the bad thing is when I get a great idea and the bead or component isn’t available anymore!

  2. Oh, yes! The if-I-only-had-those-beads-or-components-or-whatever situation. Been there, wished that. What’s more, sometimes I add those items to the list, finally buy them, then can’t remember what it was that I wanted to make in the first place. 😉

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