The man who shares my pillow each night has a workshop filled with stuff. The other day I prowled through the little plastic drawers on his workbench and I hit the motherload — a tray of copper rings!

Luckily for me, he doesn’t have any use for them. They’re crushable washers that came with oil filters for a truck we no longer own. We struck a mutually agreeable bargain. I got the washers — he got 4 spools of Silamide I no longer use for beading.

Crushable copper washers

I picked out two washers, cleaned them off, then polished them with superfine (#0000) steel wool. They took on a lovely shine.

I added black rondelles and copper coils to handmade ear wires.

Shiny new earrings

Today I put two more washers on a steel block and gently flattened them with a chasing hammer. They stayed perfectly round. Tomorrow I’ll see what a riveting hammer does to them. Oooo, so much fun. ;-)

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