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A Desire to Wire


Sometimes the quickest way to learn something — for me, at least — is to take a class. A few weeks ago, with my renewed desire-to-wire, I signed up for Rena Klingenberg’s new online class titled “Design and Make Artistic Jewelry Components.”

I’m an avid reader of her Jewelry Making Journal and I’ve learned a lot. But I also know there’s a heck of a lot I don’t know. That’s why her course appealed to me.

The lessons are very well structured — videos, printable lesson plans and detailed how-to sheets. Rena starts with the basics — learning to make simple loops, spirals, hooks, folds and an assortment of squiggles. A solid base from which to set off in new directions.

It was while I was practicing the flat fold that I wondered what would happen if I opened it up. So I did. Now, what if I wrapped it around a pen? And then scrinched it a bit here? And then a bit there? And why not add some beads. And maybe a couple of loops.

Wait a minute! Houston, we have earrings! I made some hoops and we’re done. It was love at first glance.

Pink Heart

I was truly enamoured with these delicate delights. For a day. (I am so fickle.)

I’ve been working with copper lately. What if . . . well, out came some copper wire and dyed copper pearls. Once more I made some flat folds (Rena, thank you for starting us with basics). Moments later, a new pair of heart earrings.

Copper Heart

I love these two too.

Meanwhile back in online land, I’m into Part 3 of the course making clasps and bails and surprising myself with how easy it is to learn — thanks Rena!

P.S. Eagerly looking forward to your next course. 🙂


Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

12 thoughts on “A Desire to Wire

  1. These are gorgeous. Wish I’d thought of this.

  2. I don’t know how we managed before internet courses, Sally (especially those of us far from “civilization”!)

    • You’re right, Monique …I love living well beyond the fringe and am willing to forego many of the “benefits” of city life. Online classes mean I still learn from great instructors, surrounded by open space instead of noise and traffic and all that other stuff. 😉

  3. These earrings are beautiful! I love Rena’s tutorials and her blog. Wire work is addictive, be careful 🙂

    • Rena is a delight … knowledgeable, thorough and a great teacher. Another “addiction”? Oh, my. I was afraid of that. And here, silly woman, I thought it was gonna be just about beads. 😉

  4. Hi Sally! It’s so lovely to hear about your experiences with my wire jewelry course. I love the beautiful heart earrings you designed – and especially the fact that you just went with the flow of inspiration and created them even though they were totally unplanned. I’m excited that you’re getting so much out of the class. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback! Looking forward to seeing more wonderful wire creations by you.

    And thank you, Zoraida, for your kind words! I’m always inspired by your wirework.

  5. Rena, thank you … for the compliment and for the great course that is opening the door to all sorts of wire wonderment! This is so much fun. 😉

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