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The Possibilities of Less


Do you ever long for a bigger stash of beads? More wire? Better tools? Do you dream of all the things you could create if only …  ?

I do.

But something weird happened lately that changed my mind.

My first show of the season was quickly approaching when a dreadful truth hit: I don’t have enough new pieces. 

But that wasn’t the worst part.

I had only a skimpy supply of materials with me: wire, a few pieces of old jewelry, some glass beads, and a couple of Swarovski pearls. A gloomy prospect.

Why, oh why, I whined, hadn’t I brought more stuff? 

Like Mother Hubbard, I gazed at my almost-empty cupboard. Impending doom settled on me.

I needed new work. And I needed it now.

Out came the hammers and pliers and wire cutters. I hammered and texturized. I twisted and bent. I strung beads and coiled wire.

It took awhile, but after several mistakes I got into a creative vibe. Where I’d seen limitations I began to see designs. Lots of them. It was like someone sprinkled magic dust in the air.

By the time I finished I had 10 different pairs of earrings. Amazing. Who’da thunk all those pieces could have come from so little?

Best of all? At the show last weekend those earrings got the most attention — and brought the most sales.

Go figure.  Sometimes less really is more.   🙂

Author: Sally

Beads? What can I say — they snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Now I'm hooked.

4 thoughts on “The Possibilities of Less

  1. love these designs Sally. such a great post , thanks . ths will help me clear out my workshop when we are back in Ajo.

    • Thanks, Wendee. Yes, it was an eye-opener to discover that I didn’t need to have everything at hand to make pretty things. ( A bit of desperation probably didn’t hurt. 🙂 )

  2. I totally agree, and have begun to apply that principle with my own card making and occasional bead crafts. I have drawers rammed full of papers, adhesives, toppers, embellishments, beads etc, and so I never know where to begin with it all. Now, I just pull out a small quantity of older supplies, and force myself to create something from those. The result has been some rather delightful cards, and a sparkly tiara for my 4 year-old daughter to wear to an upcoming wedding. Result!

    • Ah, a Kindred Spirit! I must confess that I still have a lot of stuff and, like you, it becomes overwhelming. I feel like a pingpong ball bouncing from one idea to another, never finishing most of them. I’m working harder to confine my thoughts to one or two ideas at a time. 🙂

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