Beau Dangles

Handcrafted Jewelry — Designed to be Different


The Work

Odd things happen when you’re not paying attention. It all began when the man who shares my pillow each night asked me to bead him a hatband. How hard could that be? I thought. Even kids can bead.

As it turned out it was a lot harder than I imagined. And a lot more fun. By the time that hatband was finished I was a gonner — I’d fallen hook, line and bauble for beads.

My jewelry is designed to be different. Most of it is one-of-a-kind. My “style,” if I have one, is eclectic, ranging from earthy to elegant, casual to classy. I strive to make pieces that complement both the person and the occasion.

None of my work is done on a loom. Each bead is individually woven into the design. It’s a time-consuming process but one that yields beautiful results.

Recently I’ve begun incorporating wire and metal pieces into my work. A new adventure for me with all sorts of possibilities for design.

My inspiration often comes from the outdoors where I spend much of my time. Wandering the woods, hiking the desert, strolling along a beach — all the shapes and colours and designs you might imagine can be found in such places.

The Artist

Me, in the scheme of things? If life is a book, I’m now into the chapter titled Beading. Previous chapters in this story go from A (artist’s model) to Z (zoologist). In between there’s teacher, writer, editor, broadcaster, community organizer, tree hugger, volunteer, hiker, RVer.

As with any book, you don’t leave parts of the story behind when you move into a new section. So all that I was (and in many cases still am) comes right along with me when I bead.

I have no formal training as a beader. No art school courses. No diploma in design. No degrees or certificates or awards. One day I simply picked up some beads and began.

Which is pretty much how I live my life. I just seem to find myself at a point where it’s more fun to jump into the deep end of the pool than paddle around the edge.

Sally Banks

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