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New Bracelet Class

Here’s my latest offering — a cross-woven design that can be either elegant or happy-go-lucky, depending on your choice of bead colours.

It closes with a snap clasp so it’s easy to put on and take off with one hand.

IMG_1268 - Version 2

I’ll be teaching this class at the Sundre Library on June 22. Check here for more info.




Create 5 Art Challenge — Day 4

My next entry in Art Challenge.

This bracelet is done in triangle stitch with Swarovski crystal pearls and facetted beads from the Czech Republic. Finished with an easy-on, easy-off snap clasp.

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Diamond Fire

There is something so rich-looking about fire opal Swarovskis — which is probably why I use them in several of my pieces.

This bracelet is done in diamond stitch. I’ve seen the design using faceted glass beads but none with bicones — of the two I prefer the bicone style.

Diamond Fire

I also used my favourite magnetic clasp. Sad story about these. I went back to my supplier and they no longer carry them. If you know where I could source more, I’d be grateful. 🙂


Tough Stuff

These bracelets are deceptively dainty. In everyday use they’re the Energizer Bunny of jewelry.

I used oh-so-tiny size 15 beads on Fireline with a pearlized glass bead and beaded loop clasp. The stitch? Basic netting.

Looking for something you can wear in the pool? the shower? the hot tub? These will do the job — and you’ll look good at the same time. I made my first one 4 or 5 years ago and it’s still going strong. Luv it!



I work mostly with seed beads but once in a while large beads come calling.

These burgundy glass cubes have been in my stash for several years. Loved the colour, just didn’t know what to do with them. So I set myself a challenge: do something, anything, with them.

Out came some size 6 beads, some Fireline and I set to work with no particular plan in mind. Of course when you don’t have a plan you don’t know where you’ll end up.

After several false starts I began weaving a long line, interspersing cubes among the smaller beads. Then I tried doubling back on the original strand, adding more size 6’s but weaving into the original cubes.

Looking at it now I think I did a right angle weave bracelet the hard way. But I enjoyed the experiment — and I found a use for those cubes after all. 🙂

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Magnetic Attraction

Love this colour! And with Swarovski crystals, well, what can I say. They’re gorgeous.

I seldom use magnetic clasps on my work because my experience with them hasn’t been good. They catch on shopping carts, door handles and cutlery. Before you know it, your bracelet is gone. I’ve used keeper chains but that’s only a partial solution.

Last winter I discovered magnetic clasps that work well. Unlike most such clasps where the two halves simply slide past each other, this one is constructed differently. The magnet is actually inside the clasp.

In the photo below, the magnet is the small “bump” on the righthand half. It fits snugly into the hollow on the lefthand portion. Screw the two halves together and you’ll notice hardly any magnetic attraction.

Voila! No dangling teaspoons and no more wandering jewelry. 🙂


Wrapped in Sunshine

How does this happen? I started off making a necklace when the beads (which have a mind of their own) took a sharp turn and became a bracelet instead.

Love the colours in this — it’s definitely a can’t-help-but-smile-when-I’m-wearing-this piece. 🙂


Wrap Your Wrist

It’s bracelets on the bead table this week. I just finished two pieces done in right angle weave (RAW) and cross weaving. Both pieces use the 2-needle technique.

When I made my first 2-needle piece some years ago I was forever tangling threads and needles and generally making a mess. Perseverance paid off. I finally mastered it (more or less).

For some pieces it may not matter whether you use one or two needles. These bracelets, however, depend on keeping an even tension so two needles it is.

Burgundy Wrap

The bracelet is finished with an easy-on/easy-off snap clasp, sometimes called a ball-and-socket or trailer hitch clasp.

A note: If you’re buying these clasps make sure they really are easy to open. I tried some in a bead store and found them extremely difficult. Anyone with arthritic or stiff fingers wouldn’t have been able to open them. Like most things, it’s buyer beware.