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Garden Beauty

Garden BeautyAlberta’s late snow and cool spring meant a slow start to the garden so I had to look elsewhere for something to brighten up the days.

This necklace features stone beads and a gorgeous stone focal. The bead string reminds me of those candy necklaces that you could wear around your neck and whenever you felt like it you could nibble on the “beads.”

I shot this outside this afternoon when the sun — once again — was playing hide-and-seek behind a thick blanket of grey.

I usually take pics inside, setting up the display on the kitchen table. Today it was so much easier and faster to take everything outside. The light was also mostly shadow-free. Gonna try this again. 😉



Black Magic

I found this unusual “bead” a couple of years ago. It’s a stone within a stone within a stone. The fellow who sold it to me wouldn’t divulge the maker’s name. Too bad. I’d like to have learned more about the process he used to make this piece.

It took me several tries to find a design that I think might work. What do you think?

The centre stone is polished rock, as is the white “matte” and the outside “frame”. I like the  colours in the centre — you can even see tiny white quartz crystals when you look closely at the original.

Quite a piece.

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Blue Frost

Someone has speeded up the clock again. The last weeks have disappeared in a whirl of activity, none of which included posting to the blog. This is my latest piece, “Blue Frost.”

I’m a sucker for frosted glass and as soon as I saw the strand last winter I knew I wanted to work with it. And this was the week, now that summer finally seems to have arrived. The soft muted colours remind me of a day at the beach.

I matched the glass with some tiny sterling silver spacers. I took the pieces to the Bergen Farmers’ Market last weekend and was able to put the idea together while chatting with visitors. Back home the necklace came together fairly quickly. Then I had to take it all apart again and restring it. It pays to pay attention — that way both ends of the necklace will match :-). Next up, a pair of earrings.

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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Do you have a favourite piece of jewelry? One you made. One you hope goes to someone who will treasure it and care for it. Okay, call me nuts but once in awhile it’s hard to part with a piece. I make jewelry with the intention of selling it but sometimes a particular item will grab hold of me and, well, it’s like parting with one of the family. (No, I’m not on drugs.)

Such is the case with Margarita, the stringing project I wrote about earlier this year (June 2). Soft greens with a few hits of red. I put it in the art show at the recent Carstairs Mountain View Music Festival and just before we began to pack up, it sold.

It was bought by Rusty, a woman whose name echoes her strawberry blonde hair. She and her husband had been by several times during the weekend, each time stopping to look at the necklace. Finally her husband said, “I think you should have that.” And now she does. She was so excited and so am I. All is well with the world.


Bead Weaver Gets Strung Out

Well, I finally done it. I strung my first necklace. Don’t know what the holdup was. Well, yes I do. I started beading as an off-loom weaver. Simple enough. Thread. Needles. Scissors. Beads. Somehow bead stringing seemed like a whole lot more work.

The wire. Well, now, just what kind of wire? There’s 7-strand and 49-strand and a bunch in between. There’s wire that kinks and wire that doesn’t. There’s different sizes. Then you need crimp beads and clam shells and crimping pliers and yada yada yada.

In other words, it was just simpler to keep on keeping on with the bead weaving. Then I made a mistake. I bought some lovely pale green stones. Smooth and cool and oh, so nice to fondle. I did buy some good wire and to my surprise I discovered some crimp beads in my bead stash. There was nothing holding me back. Except inertia.

Then I met Dwyn. Our paths crossed in cyberspace when she posted an item about my blog on beadfx. I wandered around her website and her blog and was enthralled with the beautiful pieces she was creating. Talk about inspiration.

I made the plunge. A few days ago I pulled out the stones and the wire and a lovely clasp and began to play. I tried several combinations and let each variation sit on the kitchen counter for a day or so while I pondered it.

In the meantime, I found a pair of small glass apples that I’d bought a few years ago. I was hesitant to use them because they seemed quite fragile. When one bounced off the table onto the floor and suffered no injury I figured it was safe to play with them too.

After the pondering and the playing, this is the result. Thanks, Dwyn!

Dwyn's Inspiration

Dwyn’s Inspiration