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Surface Textures for Metals

Five intensive days. Five long days. Short nights. Steep learning curves. Meals on the run. New ideas. Surprising techniques.

By the end of the week I was exhausted. And invigorated. This is the fourth year I’ve taken a course at Red Deer College’s Summer Series and it just keeps getting better.

Our instructor, Crys Harse, is a talented metalsmith. I took Adventures in Metalsmithing from her last year. This summer she offered Surface Textures for Metals which added a new dimension to working with metals.

Who’da thunk you could be so creative with things like glue sticks, graphite (toner used for photocopiers), Sharpies. Wite-Out, spray paint, steel wool, metallic stamps, stamp pads — well, the list goes on and on. Great fun working with these.

A bonus about our class was the size — only 5 of us. It was a great group with an array of skills and lots of sharing.